Focus on your business, we’ll do the rest

Here at Sizemore & Associates, our team loves to help business owners free up their time to do what they love. How do we do that? We take care of those boring tasks so you’ve got less things to worry about. We know you have better things to do than stress about your finances or worry about your accounts. Let our experienced team take care of it for you.


Even just the word accounting is enough to make some eyes glaze over…we get it. But it’s what we love and what we’re good at! As business owners ourselves, we understand that these tasks are painful and take a lot of time out of your day. We’ve seen far too many business owners who don’t understand what their financial statements or critical numbers mean. We’re here to change that. The Sizemore & Associates team will manage the ongoing accounting and bookkeeping requirements for your small or medium-sized business.


We know that accurate financial records are the foundation of every truly successful business. We also know that bookkeeping can be a nightmare for many business owners. As a business owner, you’re probably trying to juggle a million things already, so the accounts likely get pushed to the side to be dealt with another time. Your books will be squeaky clean with Sizemore & Associates. Talk to us.
We have dedicated partners who can help you with your payroll requirements as well. Just ask us.

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